Valentine Straw Wreath

14 Days of Hearts and Crafts

Bring back the retro look with this funky straw wreath!





Foam ring (dollar store)

Straws or Candy sticks  Approx 41 of each ( Purchase at dollar store or Walmart)


Heart picks

Glue Gun


Floral Wire



Start by poking a hole on the inside of your wreath using a nail no bigger than the size of your heart pick. Keep in mind, this will be the top of your  wreath when it’s finished.


Next, tightly wrap your ring with colored ribbon that correlates with your straws and adornments. You can use a drop of glue to hold ends in place. Remember to cut a small hole or mark where your pick hole is.

Next, push the heart down to the very end of the pick. You want the heart to line up and hang in the very center of your wreath, so if the pick is too long cut some off. Push the pick into the hole you created.

Assuming you will be using two different colors or patterned straws, Cut one color down to just over half it’s size. ( I cut the striped ones)

Starting at the top of your wreath, begin gluing each straw to your ring in a rotating fashion, starting with the tallest straw all the way around. Be mindful to line your straw ends up evenly on the ring.


Using floral wire, wrap it around the top of your wreath and twist a few times. Create a loop for hanging.


Make a bow with your decorative ribbon. Using the floral wire, cut a short piece and pull it through your bow. Attach to the ring in the same place as your hanger wire. Twist ends and bend it down. It’s ready for hanging!

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Life is short, crafting is fun. Let go and get loopy with it! 




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