Tulle of Hearts Wreath

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Tulle wreaths are so fun and easy. In fact, so easy that I’m just going to give you a few pointers..





Wreath ring ( dollar store)



glue gun & glue sticks



cardboard cut to 12″ in length

ribbon scraps ( optional)


Cut a piece of cardboard so that it measures 12″ in length. If you want longer tulle ends than shown in my picture, cut the cardboard longer. You can always trim the tulle down later.

In my opinion, cutting the tulle is the most time consuming part. By using the cardboard you are almost cutting your time in half!


Wrap the tulle around the board carefully 2-3 times. Make sure to leave a 1″ over hang on the 1st wrap. Once you’ve gotten it started, just keep flipping the board and wrapping your tulle. If your scissors are sharp, you can wrap the entire spool if desired. Finish wrapping and cut tulle from spool.

Next, place your hand flat in the center of the cardboard to steady the tulle, and cut along one edge of the cardboard. Keeping your and in place, spin the cardboard around and cut the other side.


Continue this process with all desired colors of tulle.


This next step is optional, but unless you are using green tulle colors, I recommend it.

Using ribbon that coordinates with your tulle, (i prefer to use up scrap ribbon) wrap tightly and cover entire wreath so that it lays flat and smooth. (Make sure to tape it down at the beginning and end.) If you don’t cover the wreath, the green will show through. I don’t think it looks nice with cool tones.


Notice how I’ve used 3 different colors of ribbon scraps.

Next, take one piece of tulle (or two together for a thicker, bolder look) and tie it in a snug knot at the top. It”s less awkward and moves along really fast if you anchor the wreath between your knees. Continue until your wreath is as full as you’d like it.Remember to color change for your pattern.



Next, play with your embellishments and ribbon placement. Once you’re happy, cut ribbon strands the same length as your tulle pieces and just tie them in a knot in the same fashion.

Push all your tulle towards the back a little so the embellishments will lay nicely. This would be the time to also trim down or shape your tulle if necessary.

To make the hanger, take the two existing pieces of tulle at the very top of your wreath (in the back) and tie them into a knot at the edges.You can also cut an extra long piece of your coordinating ribbon and wrap it around the wreath, but I prefer the cleaner look of the tulle.

Use your glue gun to attach your embellishments and you’re done!



What’s great about these wreath’s is there versatility. Take the embellishments off of this Valentine wreath, and you have a beautiful pink wreath for a girl’s room.  🙂

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Life is short, crafting is fun. Let go and get loopy with it!


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