Team Peek-A-Boo Sandals

Hey batta, batta, batta…sa-wing!




In my family, baseball has forever been the number one favorite sport and pastime. For us, it truly is as American as hot dogs and apple pie. That’s not to say we don’t love a little football around here,…just not as passionate. Unless it’s college football – and the Oregon Ducks in particular! Being that we ARE officials ducks waddling around with web feet, that kinda goes without saying. 😉


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Since it’s summer and mid-season for baseball, I found it only fitting to show you yet another great way to use the peek-a-boo- sandal! Team sports peek-a-boo sandal that is!


As with most any sport, we all have our favorite teams. Some are based on where we live, others are more emotional based due to an experience we’ve had. Don’t get it? Just ask any sports lovin’ person about where they were when their favorite team won or lost. Buyer beware, you might want to make sure you have a few spare moments (or an hour) here as this, being most assuredly the most important story of their life is going to take a few…



(Our favorite team) Let’s go Oakland!


And don’t even get me started on rival teams! I mean wars have been started over rivals. It’s not always a laughing matter, but in the spirit of keeping things light…it always amazes me what lengths people go to (ok, I might need to include myself here) in proving their teams superiority. Long debates, tit for tats, bets, and saying the silliest things! Play lists, flow charts, Google this and Google that! Fact checking…hysteria! All the sudden we’re like toddlers again. Good thing I made these sandals, looks like we may need them!



(Our Rival across the bridge) SF


It’s all in fun though. Sometimes I think we all just need things to get a little excited about. Something to rib our rival friends over. And yes, even the girliest of women not only love sports, but love to debate them!

I’ll never forget when Boston took the world series in 2004. Who could? Even if you’re not a baseball fan, this was big news! They were on an 86 year drought. Hello? 86 years! Dead to rights since 1918 breaking what was known as (“the curse of the bambino.”) No matter who did what, this was a big day in American History! And an even bigger day for Curt Schilling. Oh, did I mention they were playing against my beloved St. lois Cardinals? Yeah, I had to let that go after the 1st couple of games. Anyone standing on the mound with an ankle injury like his deserves all respect.



Suddenly I’m thinking of clam chowder…mmm!


Being from Eugene Oregon, we didn’t have a pro ball team to follow. So, we did what everyone does…root, root, root, for the home team! For us that was Eugene Emeralds. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve been to over my lifetime there, but I can most assuredly say that my children have an annual memory. And we never missed a July 4th game! Best fireworks in town. So, so, many great memories. Just a couple weeks ago we learned the stadium burned down to the ground. It was old and wooden granted, but oh so crushing. I’m sure we all have similar crushing monumental stories. We move on, they’ll surely rebuild, but it’s just sad as it’s an ending to an era.



Historic Oregon Stadium


Ok, so I digress. Back to the crochet at hand…


Again, I have to thank the ever talented person at for the creation of this wonderful pattern. Would love to see a bio or “about me” page on your website so I can properly thank and credit you. 🙂

And while I have made many other theme type sandals with this pattern, ( paw print buttons! ) I think you all get the drift and unless I am pairing them with another accessory or outfit, I spare you of reposting them again. 🙂

These sandals along with other variations will be for sale in my crochet boutique and Etsy store. You can click on the links below for individual links to these sandals. Current sizes available: 3-6 months – 6-12 months. If you have a specific theme in mind and would like a special oder, please feel free to contact me via my contact page.

Go team go!

Oakland Sandals

Boston Sandals

SF Sandals


Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!





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