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Last year at my fall craft fair, I had not only the little ones but Mom’s and Grammies alike oohing (is this even a word?) and aah-ing over the few stuffed amigurumi plushies I had for sale. Very quickly It became clear that for this craft fair at least, I better stock up on the cutie patooties!

Being that most of my work is made up of hats and children’s clothing, I didn’t have much in the way of patterns or ideas for stuffed animals. And honestly, they’re allot of work! Small stitches made primarily with small sized hooks equals time consuming. So when you think about creating your inventory for the upcoming year, special orders and items you are dying to blog about, stuffies are last on the list. But the people had spoken and let’s face it, they are cute! 😉

So last December I went poking around on red heart.com looking for cowl ideas… (Let me digress for one sec here. If you’re a crocheter and you don’t have red heart.com book marked on your computer, I suggest you do that right after you finish here. It’s an awesome site with all different types of well written patterns. But the best part is that for most of the listed patterns, they post a video tutorial which we all know can mean the literal life saver of your project!) ….and pouf!!! Literally and figuratively. Lol. I found this wonderful pattern for a pink poodle. I HAD to create it! So naturally I fired up the ‘ol printer, created my shopping list, and off to Joann fabrics I went.




I got everything on my list at Joann’s except for one item. Not all craft stores carry the same items so no big deal, just on to the next store. Huh, they don’t have it either. Maybe Beverly’s has it. Driving on. Nope. Ok. I think you get the drift. So now I have all the items to make this adorable french poodle except for one. I mean I couldn’t even find a substitute. Time to Google and find out what’s happening here. Oooo-hhhh. Turns out Red Heart discontinued Pomp A Doodle yarn way before I even came across this pattern. Had I contained my excitement and read the provided materials list I would’ve known this. 🙁  Well gee, without the pom pom yarn it really isn’t going to resemble a poodle now is it? So in the yarn basket all those supplies went waiting for another use, pattern stuffed in a file. And I moved on to the next hat pattern that caught my eye!

Now I am one who believes we get a sign now and then that something is just meant to be. But I’ll also admit that I may need to be “HIT” with that sign a time or two before I read it! 😉 This spring, I do believe I received a little sign. Her name is Georgette and she just happens to star in a wonderful little Disney movie. One of my Granddaughter’s favorite movies-that I’ve seen with her a hundred times. Okay, so maybe I need to be hit more than twice! Look familiar?



Once again I went searching for pom pom yarn. Only this time I was looking for anything that might work as a substitute. No luck at any of the yarn or craft stores. I got online looking for possible blog entries or pics of what others had used. Nothing. In fact there is very little beyond the original 2010-2011 post about this fabulous pattern. Ordinarily, I would stop here. Figuring I had covered all the bases, turned over every rock, and no way was this project going to happen. But I think I became obsessed with this pup and I just wasn’t giving up! That’s when I started scouring the internet. Changing my search word strings and becoming the “Towanda” of all yarns with pom pom like things!! When I came across something that not only resembled the pomp a doodle yarn, but was a shade of pink, I was shaking. I kept reading the description over and over. Enlarging the pics of it, checking the sellers review. Admit it… you’ve all done that too. 😉

I was just so excited. The only problem was the seller was in China. Ok, maybe that’s not really a problem, but having never purchased from there before, I just wasn’t sure. And I knew that once I pushed the buttons the sale would be final. My head just said “go for it’ and I ordered it so fast like someone might snatch it out from under me. Hahaha.




What a great lesson in tenacity, right?! I received the yarn within a couple of weeks, the seller is a fantastic woman and even threw in a handmade jade beaded bracelet as a gift with purchase. And although it’s not the original yarn, I think it turned out fabulous if I do say so myself!

I am so extremely happy to resurrect this french poodle pattern. It was time consuming, but worth every minute. I’m pretty sure it’s going to go over well at my craft fair, aren’t you?

In regards to the pattern, it’s fairly straight forward. I tend to over stuff my pieces which over stretches the stitches a bit. I’m working on that, but it has no reflection on the pattern. There is a  video tutorial attachment  linked to the pattern but it doesn’t cover all the steps. One thing they could be more clear about is how to attach the head so that it doesn’t bobble. As I said, not much info out there on this one. If you are attempting to make this on your own and get stuck anywhere, please feel free to email me or comment on this post and I’ll be happy to help.

From the top of her head to her base measures 14 inches. Including her tail is 19 inches making her my largest plushy to date. I can’t wait to see what my next stuffy venture is!

PS…yes I purchased enough yarn to make two!  😉

Pomp-a-poodle pattern


Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!


2 thoughts on “Pomp -a- Poodle Crochet Pattern

  1. Kelly Tanner

    Hi there, could you please tell me what you used to replace the pomp a doodle yarn, I am in New Zealand and we don’t seem to have anything here, so I am going to have to buy from online.

    1. Nana Post author

      Hi Kelly,
      So sorry I didn’t catch this post sooner. If you haven’t already, you’ll definitely need to purchase online. I found a fabulous shop in China. I guess that speaks to my dedication to the project! Happy hUNTING. 🙂


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