Mississippi Pot Roast Crock Pot Recipe

This recipe was recently recommended to me by a family member who like me, is a faithful watcher of all things Pinterest.


She said it was the best pot roast ever and I just had to try it! Now, I must admit, when she said Mississippi pot roast,  my thoughts didn’t go to a nice roast beef dinner. I was actually envisioning the Mississippi River. And if you’ve ever seen it, we’ll…let’s just say I was thinking about mud! But, being that she herself is a wonderful cook, I figured I had to check it out. I mean, who isn’t looking for a new way to cook a pot roast, right? After a quick glance at the recipe I see there’s only 5 ingredients, a splash of water, and a crock pot – sold! Let’s dive in a and check this out!


1 3# chuck roast

1 1 ounce Pkt ranch dressing mix

1 1 ounce Pkt au jus gravy mix

6 tbsp unsalted butter

5-6 Pepperoncini

1/4 cup water






Add 1/4 cup water to crock pot and place roast on top.



Sprinkle ranch dressing mix evenly over the roast.



Sprinkle au jus on top of the ranch mix for an even cover.



Top with 6 Tbsp butter, sliced or whole.



Place the pepperoncini’s around the roast.


Cook on low for 8 hours. Shred and serve.



Let me begin by saying, my son has a terrible dislike for ranch dressing. He can’t even tolerate the smell of someone using it on salad near him. Yet another reason for me to be leery. However, I remembered when I was very young my grandmother making a tomato soup cake (anyone remember this cake?) and I protested stating there was no way I would try it. Yuck! Well, she tricked me, I ate it and it was wonderful! I certainly didn’t taste tomatoes, maybe the ranch dressing would fare the same. So while I put the ingredients in, I made sure my son was nowhere around. Risky undercover work here!   😉

As promised by my trusty family member, the pot roast is very good with plenty of thick gravy. Mine was done in just under 7 hours, so be mindful of how your crock pot cooks. If you want to make it a more rounded meal, add your favorite veggies when there’s just a couple hours left of cooking time. I chose to add some baby carrots and added them at hour 5. They came out nice and tender. The recipe calls for shredding the roast before serving. If you choose to prepare it this way, you might want to serve it as a pulled beef sandwhich instead. If you want to serve it as a traditional pot roast, I suggest not shredding it. Also, remember the fat from the beef has nowhere to go so if this bothers you, look for the leanest cut possible.

The flavor profile is very unique and a definite twist on the old standard. And yes, my son gobbled it up never the wiser of the ranch. Ssh! The pepperoncinis gave a touch of spice but not overpowering at all. I myself still prefer the traditional basic seasoned pot roast with trimmings, but absolutely recommend it and will definitely make this again when looking for something different.

This recipe was posted on pinterest by Julia at tablefortwoblog.com. where you’ll find many comforting recipes and travel insight. Very nice website. However the original author of the Mississippi Pot Roast recipe is Amanda from fakeginger.com. Amanda runs a fun loving, whimsical family oriented site with recipes for all including peanut butter ice cream for your family pets! Hats off to both ladies for sharing a new twist on beef! To check out either website just click on the highlighted link.




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