Minnie Mouse Inspired Hat, Diaper Cover, and Bootie Set

Hello all and welcome to our tribute to 60 years of Disney! We had a little hiccup here due to technical difficulties but we’re back on track!

This week we are featuring Mickey’s favorite gal with a Minnie Mouse inspired hat, diaper cover, and bootie set.



Isn’t it just adorable? I sure wish I had an infant to take pics of it in. Maybe I should take out an add: BABIES WANTED! But until then, these pics will just have to do!  😉  One thing is for sure, wether you are looking for baby’s 1st photo op outfit, or an actual Disney land photo op outfit, this Minnie in spired Hat, diaper cover, and bootie set will surely make your little princess shine and hearts melt.

I found my inspiration for this Minnie Mouse inspired set at Knotty Knotty Crochet. She has a wonderful picture floating around on Pinterest, however the actual pattern for some items are not as pictured so that’s where I improvised or adapted.

For my fellow crocheters,  I’ll try to link what I’ve done for each item so you can achieve the same results. This specific set is size Newborn to 3 months. And will also be available in 3-6 months.




The Minnie inspired hat was crocheted fully by using the wonderful pattern found on Knotty knotty crochet with the exception of the actual earflaps. If you want a beanie rather than a “hat”, Just follow the pattern until you reach your desired beanie length and finish off.

I must say I have made many many sets of circular ears and these are absolutely the best by far. They are double sided which gives them a stiffness which allows them to stand straight up, but the real bonus is that they are crocheted in 1 piece which makes the whole process a breeze. Thank you Kristi for the awesome pattern!

For the bow I used my go to standard bow from The Crochet Spot. Quick, and super easy. I then just crocheted some dots and sewed them on the front and back. To make the dots just start with a magic ring and crochet 5 dc’s into the ring, pull tight and finish off.

Kristi also uses this bow so that should tell you something. 😉

For the beanie pattern click HERE

For the bow pattern click HERE




The Minnie Inspired Diaper Cover is so cleverly designed it reminds me of skorts. Ok, I may be dating myself here. 😉 This adorable little number is simply a diaper cover with a short skirt sewn to the top of the waste band.




For the basic diaper cover pattern I followed the suggested pattern from knotty knotty crochet. However I must say, it is extremely important that your total number of stitches for the top of the diaper cover match the total number of stitches for the little skirt across the top where you will be attaching it. Crocheting as the pattern reads, my skirt ended up being a whole size larger so I had to adapt. Just be aware of the total stitch count when making the skirt and you will be fine. 🙂

For diaper Cover Pattern click HERE   (This is a Newborn size pattern only)




This is what the inside of your diaper cover will look like. Notice how the skirt is sewn to the outer top. Fold each flap over and button through the white flaps only to not only hide the button closure, but create a skirt look.




Once you have your stitch count from the top row of your diaper cover, the skirt pattern from Knotty Knotty is extremely simple and fun. I adapted it by adding one row of single crochet from one side of the skirt to the other just before adding the scalloped edge. This gives the project a clean finish to the edges. Continue on for for adding the tail.

For skirt pattern click HERE





For these gorgeous Minnie Mary Janes I followed a nifty little pattern designed by Colleen at yarn wars. This is hands down my favorite dress style baby bootie pattern. As many of you that crochet know, baby bootie patterns can very tricky to follow. Just one misplaced stitch will throw the whole shoe off. Been there…done that!

That is one of the reasons I love this pattern so much. Not only has Colleen provided a written pattern, she’s created a fabulous and easy to follow 35 minute video tutorial. Once you crochet along for the 1st bootie, the 2nd bootie is a breeze! Thanks so much Colleen!

For the Mary Jane written pattern click HERE

For the video tutorial click HERE

Lastly, for the adorable little petite bow, I followed this great 9 minute video called of all things…”How to crochet a bow.” lol. Great tutorial and all her media contacts will be found there.

And there you have it. All you need to know to make your little Minnie….a mouse for the day. 🙂

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Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!





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