Make a Family Office Door Sign

20141115_131230With a retired husband at home, an extremely busy teenager (not yet driving), and my lovely daughters popping in at any given time, it didn’t take this work from home mom long to figure out: if I’m to get any work done I’ve got to set some boundaries…and fast! And not just for them. As anyone who works from home knows, it’s easy to let distractions pull you in all directions. Don’t get me wrong, I love these distractions and there’s not much arm twisting, but the next thing you know, it’s 4:30 pm and you’re wondering where the day went and why isn’t anything crossed off your list?

I read online that people who work from home should set hours, get dressed, and be in their office promptly. I agree, but the only thing my family thinks about my office door being shut is, “oh that’s where she is!” “Hey mom, whatcha doing?!” Ironically enough, my son is at the door right now!

Time for a visual aid…

I decided to create a sign for my office door. Something quick and easy to let the family know, if the sign’s up and the door is shut, don’t come a knocking”! <3

Hearing my husband’s rule play in my head: “one thing in, one thing out”, I challenged myself to use only materials I already had within my craft boxes. And because I’m not ready to part with anything just yet. Sorry craft stores, maybe next week!

Here’s the supplies I picked out
tip: gather more than you need and play with the design.

Arrange, and make final pattern decision

Now to paint and let dry

I used an old cratered sponge for the canvas

Now glue your craft pieces together…

Spray on your painted objects after they’ve dried. Make sure you’re outdoors or in a well ventilated area. Dries in minutes.

If you like a nice sheen, I recommend Krylon Clear coat. It’s uv-resistant and works great for outdoor crafts as well to keep them from bleaching out.


Glue all your pieces together…

Attach your hanger

Glue your pieces to the canvas

Here’s your sign

Quick, easy, and no extra shopping required. Pretty cute don’t ya think?! Hey, I think this would make a super cute name sign for a girls bedroom. Hmm, I think I know a couple of girls! 😉

What’s your next craft project? I extend my challenge to you. Try using only what’s in your craft closets and boxes. Don’t have any? No problem! Look around your house. You’ll be amazed at what you find to craft with. Send me pics of your finished projects. I’d love to highlight them.

Life is short, crafting is fun. Get loopy with it.


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