Happy Bat Trick Or Treat Bag & Pattern

I think I must finally admit…I Nana, am a basket hoarder. I mean, not to the point that we’re all tripping over them, and I haven’t found anyone buried beneath a pile of weaved basketry goodness. Yet…  But I do seem to be stockpiling for every occasion, every holiday, and any possible future need! Is this just me? I can hardly walk by ANY type of basket without basking (get it?) in the potential of it. Is there such a thing as too many baskets? I think not! My husband on the other hand…let’s just say he no longer sees the cuteness. His solution? He’s put me on a strict diet of “one thing in, one thing out.”  Oh, this is so hard!


Happy Bat Treat Bag


Being that I can’t resist temptation, Me thinks me found a loophole! I saw this pattern for the Happy Bat trick or treat bag and the wheels immediately began to turn. I HAD to create it! I mean, look at it! And oh the possibilities with just this one pattern. Handle? No handle? And with a change of a couple colors, this bag can be crocheted into any theme for treats. Or a notions bag perhaps. Ok, so what’s the loophole? You’re going to love this: If I already have the yarn stash to create any option of this basket….I’m not bringing in anything new! Right? It makes perfect sense to me.


Nana’s small corner of yarn stash!


I see several new baskets coming my way. Hee, hee. I’m thinking a little ghost or mummy. Maybe a Thanksgiving turkey. I mean, Christmas is coming and who doesn’t need a Santa or Frosty the snowman basket? I certainly do!

Okay truth be told, even though I have this noose – I mean “rule” over my head, my hubby is very supportive of my crocheting and crafting.  🙂 He’s waiting very patiently on a winter cap and some sock slippers though so it’s time to get these baskets under way and start crocheting some winter survival gear. Who’s with me?


Ok, to hook up one of these little monsters of your own, you can find the quick and easy pattern below.

Happy Bat pattern

Want a custom bag hand made for you? You’re at the right place. Email me using the contact page at the top of this blog or: info@nanasgoneloopy.com.


Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!




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