Glam Cat Crochet Hat & Pattern



It’s very hard to say no to the kitty hat…

especially when you love the little face poking out of it! And chances are, you won’t find this little kitty lounging about. Nope. The wearer of the glam black kitty hat is ready for action day or night, wherever adventure might take her! Up down, left and right. It’s hard to keep up with the Glam Black Kitty alright!

But don’t be fooled by the darling little kitty with the big beautiful eyes…


For if you look very closely at the twinkle in her eyes, you’ll see a wee bit of mischief as she scampers on by! She’s quick with her wit not missing a thing, while climbing and pouncing, OH never exhausting!



But at the days end when your worn and befuddled, one look at this face and you’re wanting for cuddles!

Ah the love of our babies and grand babies alike, right?! I have to thank this little one for sitting still long enough for me to take the pics! And allowing me to blow glitter dust on her face! Kitty or not, she’s definitely stolen my heart. 😉

The Glam Black Kitty Hat is absolutely one of my favorite hats ever. The yarn, by Red Heart is a semi chunky weight which means it crochets up quickly-and it’s as soft as can be.


This particular yarn series comes in black and neon colors…


I fell in love with the pink and blue, but they have orange and green too!


A really cool feature is the reflective tape running through the yarn. It really is reflective which makes the hat pop. Warm and cozy, sleek and jazzy all rolled in to one purr-fect hat!

Both Glam Cat crochet hats pictured have a circumference of 20.5 centimeters and will fit 6-10 years up to teen depending on your little one and due to the stretch. The pattern does allow for smaller sizes as well.

If you are a fellow crocheter, you can access the pattern below.

Glam Cat Pattern

If you would like to purchase either hat or create a custom order you can access from links below.

Glam Cat Crochet Hat Neon Pink

Glam Cat Crochet Hat Neon Blue

Until next time….


Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!




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