Edible Trick Or Treat Wreath

Those of us who really love Halloween, are passionate about every aspect of it. The most creative costumes, best decorations, and of course the outlandish and fabulous parties. But when it comes right down to it, this is a night when kids rule. What’s it all about for them? Candy!!! And while they (we  😉 ) all have our favorites, it really doesn’t matter what kind you pass out as long as you do and the more the better cause when the night is done and mom and dad have finished inspections…..it’s trading time!



                                Edible Trick or Treat Wreath                                            IMG_3610


What happens though when you aren’t home to hear those three famous words – “trick or treat!?” Well, you might want to take cover. And not just for a day or two. I mean until you redeem yourself the next year with full sized candy bars because these kids mean business and they DON’T forget! You know the saying “the lights are on but nobody’s home?” When this literally happens, like towards the end of the night when they’re starting to get tired and really need a piece of pick me up candy to keep going ( but mom said she has to check it 1st – grr) YOU do not want to be this house! If you’re not planning on being home, or you’re going to be out trick or treating yourself, don’t worry, gotcha covered. Time to make an edible trick or treat wreath. Plan on staying in the whole time so you don’t miss the cuteness?  Make it, hang it, (inside) and enjoy a piece whenever you feel the inner monster busting’ loose!



10-12 inch ring  (Dollar store)

15 ft Crafting Duct tape or ribbon *optional

Lollipops small bag (Dollar store)

Candy pieces Value size bag (not bars)

Hot glue gun and 3-4 glue sticks

double sided clear tape *optional



Decorative ribbon


Time to make a wreath!


Using duct tape or ribbon, tightly wrap entire ring. I do this so when candy is taken off I won’t see the exposed ring. I prefer using duct tape for two reasons: it won’t move around on you and it’s typically less expensive than ribbon if you purchase it at a dollar type store. If you aren’t planning to eat the candy, you don’t need to wrap it.


Attach decorative ribbon to be used as a hanger.

If using lollipops, cut the sticks to desired length so they will not poke out the back side once pushed into the ring.

Using your nail, puncture holes where you want to place the lollipops, then push them in.

Using just a touch of glue, begin glueing candy pieces in place. It’s best to complete the top, then the inner ring, and lastly the outer edge working from top to bottom. Be mindful to only go out to the half way point on the outer edge so the wreath hangs flat against your wall or door.


If you plan on eating the candy and don’t feel comfortable using the glue, you can use double sided tape. It will take a bit longer and you’ll need to work with it more to ensure the pieces stick. I personally don’t have an issue with a tiny dab.

Use various sizes and shapes of candy and squeeze them together to completely cover the ring.

Add decorative ribbon and you are finished!


Now, if you are making this as a decorative piece for inside, you can make it a little more elegant by using candy wrapped in more traditional colors only. Or by just using lollipops. But if you plan to hang this on your door for children on Halloween, I suggest this type of candy as it’s what children are familiar with and there’s something for everyone here. Also, when things look too neat and orderly, children tend not to want to mess it up. And you want them to go at it so I think this meets the criteria. 😉

Also, you might want to put a little note on the door telling the kids to feel free to take a piece. ..

halloween sign


Something like this perhaps?  😉

Here’s to trick free treating!

Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!






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