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As many of you know, Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays! I am mesmerized by everything from the cute little witch costumes, to ghost and goblins, pumpkin carving, to the scariest of scary movies. And yes, I am willing to pay big money and go on long treks to find the ultimate haunted house! There’s nothing like safe, heart pounding torture. 😉

So I’m sure it comes to no surprise that when my friend, Patti Emery Smith posted a picture of this painting on her Facebook page, I had to learn more about it!



On her post she had simply stated that she “had a great time painting with Twisted Palette at Dennis Vineyards.” She had me with the painting, but now there’s a vineyard involved? Crafting meets wine…winner! I knew there was a “guest post” to be done here. I immediately contacted her to get the skinny.

We chatted  back and forth a little, me poking and prodding, her happy to answer. But I think she tells her story best so in the words of Patti:…






“Dennis Vineyard is a family run winery located in the community of Endy, outside the town where I live which is Albemarle, NC. Endy is very rural therefore they have room to grow their own grapes, specializing in the Muscadine, know as ‘the grape of the South’. Dennis began with just a tasting room, then built a wedding and event venue across the street called “A Place in the Vineyard.” The retired teachers hold their monthly meeting there and I attend because I am a retired teacher. Most recently they offer painting classes in their newest room the Veranda Room. I am a wine club [member] and they hold many fun events.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.!! I enjoy decorating the entire house. That is why I signed up to paint the witch with Twisted Palette. The shinny spots are “jewels” you can buy at any craft store. You received a glass of wine and were able to keep the glass, light snacks, and instruction. It was $40.00 and they have classes monthly. They advertise on facebook and at the winery. You just call and have them put you on the list and pay over the phone. November they are painting a snowman which I want to attend!!”

Thinking Patti was a seasoned painter, I asked her how long she has been painting and was floored by her answer…

“I have none to very little skill. This is my fourth pic. The classes I have taken walk u step by step and the teacher will help u if needed. Been taking classes off and on for the last year.”

What? Fourth picture?! Amazing! Either Patti has a natural gift happening here ( in which case we should start scooping these up now), or the Twisted Palette instructor is fabulous!! It’s probably both. Either way, it’s impressive beginner work. Way to go Patti I’d proudly display this on my wall. I can’t wait to see how your snowman turns out!

Today many vineyards and wineries offer a wide variety of services above and beyond the typical wine tastings. Some specialize in weddings, others do light faire or appetizers. But for Dennis Vineyards to pair wine and light faire with a creative craft such as art, is undoubtedly euphoric tranquil, and serene all rolled into one. Not to mention the setting is breathtaking I’m sure.This has got to be a home run not only for Dennis Vineyards, but for the Endy community as well.

Being nestled in what is commonly referred to as “wine country” one would think I had heard of this before, and it very well may be happening here on the west coast as well. I’ll definitely be looking for a new winery experience in my neck of the woods. But today it’s about a charming little witch under a jewel studded sky in Albemarle NC…

Thanks to Patti Emery Smith for sharing her art with us. It’s beautiful ~


Though I have not yet had the pleasure of sampling Dennis wines, I did look at the featured selection and am so pleasantly surprised to see the vast array of both whites and reds. There is definetly a wine for every palette at every level. Their wines are also very perfectly priced ranging from $7.50 – $13.50 per bottle making it a wonderfully affordable wine club.

If you would like to know more about Dennis Vineyards, or sign up for their monthly wine club, you can find them at:

or follow them on Facebook at Dennis Vineyards


Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!



2 thoughts on “Dennis Vineyards Wine & Art Pairings

  1. Amy Dennis

    What a beautifully written blog! I am absolutely honored that you took the time to write about our wine and painting parties as well as our winery. You have a very fun writing style that captures attention easily. Keep up the great work… and come see us at the winery one day. We’d love to meet you!!

    1. Nana Post author

      It was absolutely my pleasure. I admire how you’re thinking out of the box, and bringing 2 of my favorite things together! What a fabulous way for new artists in the making to feel at ease. If my travels bring me your way, we’ll definitely be meeting. And thank you so much for your kind words, flattery will get you everywhere! 😉

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