Crochet Diaper Cover with Detachable Suspenders and Sandals

When my Daughter saw the Baby Jane sundress, she immediately asked me to make something in the same festive colors for her friends baby boy. In the heat wave we’re currently in, I didn’t need to thing too long about what it would be…


Shirt or no shirt, he’s gonna be rockin’  the patriot stars and stripes in this Diaper cover with detachable suspenders!

I mean, diaper covers are one thing, but add suspenders ( especially patriotic ones) and now you’re really styling’! Who else is going to be wearing this? He’s going to be the talk of the party!

Once I had my idea in place, I was off to all my pattern haunts for something new. I found a few really neat patterns, but after nearly finishing one of them the pattern took a left turn on me. 🙁 Rip, rip, rip. Time to go back to the one tried and true pattern I had and start over. I mean, why do we always try to re-invent the wheel? Is it just me? 😉

Basic Diaper Cover

If you’re looking for a versatile diaper cover that you can taylor and adorn, this is the pattern for you. Created by Amber Flower at It doesn’t look like she’s been actively blogging since 2013, but she still has some nice basic patterns available on her website.

Besides being super easy to create…


The straps are adjustable due to the type of stitch used


Making it adaptable for babies size 0-9 months


Just sew the desired amount of buttons to the front of the diaper cover, fold either side strap over the buttons and adjust the fit. Fold the other side over and connect on top of the first strap.


I used 100% cotton yarns so not only will he stay cool, it can be stretched for fit, washed, and laid flat to dry and retain it’s shape. Now here’s a piece of clothing baby can wear for 9 months. Can’t beat it!

Just to keep it really festive, I added a large crochet star on the back. You can find the star pattern here. Patriotic stars  A note: I added a couple extra rounds of single crochets for size.


Baby got back!! Couldn’t help myself. he, he.


Suspenders are really simple. All you really need to do is decide on what type of stitch you want to use, know the length of your babies bodice, and get to crocheting. I wanted this mom to have the option of using this diaper cover after the holiday so I made them detachable. By sewing buttons on the inner back and front of the diaper cover, she is able to thread the button right through the suspender at any length. She can cross them, or leave them full length.



If she decides not to use the suspenders any longer, she can rip thread on the buttons and take them off.


Super adjustable


Peek A Boo Sandals

Boys like to accessorize too and these sandals will do the trick!


Do they look familiar? They should. Remember my pink floppy sun hat & sandals post? Yep, same ones. I told you to be looking out for more use on these and here’s just one. By a quick change of a button these baby’s are the perfect matchup for anything summer. I just love ’em!

Well, now that the kids are clothed…what are you going to wear? 😉

This diaper cover is sold, but feel free to email me if you’d like one custom made. And don’t forget the sandals!


Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!



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