Batman Cape and Mask

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da batman!!! Or in this case, batgirl!


There’s just nothing like a great super hero costume. Especially when it’s a batman cape and mask –  the ultimate super hero in my opinion!

I absolutely love costumes and so of course, I’m the biggest kid around on Halloween. In fact, I can only recall just one Halloween that I didn’t dress up! 😉 Costume designer Hmm…maybe I missed my calling?

I have made this batman cape and mask for some of my local customers, but it wasn’t until it was requested by a family member that so many wonderful memories of my own son came flooding back. He’s growing up so fast that I had forgotten how much he loved to dress up in his favorite character at various times. He was ALWAYS slipping into some sort of costume though, even if he had to make it himself! He never wanted to put away a costume after halloween and would wear it until it was either too small or falling apart. So cute I just had to share a few…

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Our son created “Bag Man” as we called it, all on his own one evening while I was cooking dinner. He was only 4 years old. How creative! Sure wish I was crocheting when he was little. He’d have one of every super hero for sure!

Let me say, it was quite a task to find not only a good cape pattern, but especially a batman mask with ears. I scoured the internet for days and I could tell by comments out there that I was not the only one. I found each from different websites so I’ll touch on them separately.

Crochet Batman Mask


This pattern can be a little tricky for the beginner crocheter. There’s no particular size, and it’s worked in a spiral. Add the fact that you’re working with black yarn and you’ve got a bit of a challenge on your side. The most important detail here is measure, measure, and re-measure. Because the eyeholes are attached to the hat itself, it is imperative that you know your child’s measurements from crown to eyebrow. I mean, you can’t have your super hero bumping into things! And, as long as you know the head circumference you can increase rows to make the hat fit any size child. Or decrease for that matter.

Karen at graciously offers the pattern for free as she too couldn’t find what she wanted and created one for herself. Click the link below.

Crochet Batman Mask

Batman Cape

IMG_2891_2This cape pattern is  “one size fits all” for toddlers and up. The finished measurements are aprox. 27 ” L X 37 ” W at the bottom.

The cape pattern itself is easy, the collar on the other hand takes a few times reading, and a few times trying to get it down. Once you get it – no problem.

This time around I decided to add my own little touch. Wing grips for flying in style!



To add the grips, you’ll need to know the measurement from shoulder to finger tips. Using that number, measure from mid collar down the cape. On the inside of the cape, Join yarn in the DC beside the trim and create a chain long enough to fit the width of your child’s hand. SC in 2nd chain from hook and the rest of the chains. SC 1, turn, SC across all chains again and SC in DC on lower end of cape to connect. Repeat on other side.

This pattern was created by Natalie from Nat’s Nick Nacks. Natalie sells her patterns so it will not be posted here. Now, I know many people take a pass on patterns that are not posted for free, or even become a little disgruntled about it. So a word about that: everyone has their niche area. Some are passionate about creating patterns, while others just want to create the product. Without one, we cannot have the other!  🙂 I firmly believe that pattern makers deserve to be paid for the patterns we all use to create and sell product. Which is why I purchased this pattern from her. I do not use all aspects of the pattern, but I believe it’s the best cape pattern out there for what that’s worth. You can find it at Nat’snickNacks on Etsy. The pattern sells for $4.99, is an immediate pdf download, and includes the following: cape, one size beanie, and logos for batman, the Flash, Dark Knight, Superman, Captain America, X-Men, Green Lantern, and the Incredibles. I think that’s worth $5.00, don’t you? Bargain!


Batman Logo and Oval


While the oval portion is included in the pattern pdf, I prefer a different shape and much larger size so I found mine here: This is a fabulous tutorial and can be used for various projects including an oval rug. It’s just a great website period. You should bookmark it. 😉

The pattern for the batman logo itself is a bit tricky and honestly, doesn’t quite turn out like the pics (for me anyway) I prefer a very clean, sharp logo so I use felt. If you chose this method, you can find tons of batman printable cutouts online. I glue it to the oval using a no-heat, no-stitch, sewing glue. Love this stuff!!!

So now you have more than enough patterns and info to dress your own super hero in style. And if crocheting is just not for you, or time is short…please feel free to place a custom super hero order through the Crochet Boutique or email at



Life is short, crafting is fun. Go get loopy with it!





3 thoughts on “Batman Cape and Mask

  1. Lynne Potter

    Nancy made this Batman outfit for my great-grandson and he loves it!!!!! The wing grips are a great addition. The mask with the ears and the emblem on the cape……… much detail; handmade by “Nana”
    Thank you again for a well-made costume!!!

  2. KK

    The link you’ve put to but the pattern says it’s sold out? How can a pdf file run out if stick! Please may I ask where else I can get thus pastern? Thank you

    1. Nana Post author

      I’m so sorry. I bought this pattern several years ago. It may be she decided to stop selling it. You could also try searching on I hope this helps!

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